Visionary Architecture was founded by Shahram Seificar (Ph.D.) in 2006 in Abu Dhabi, with collaboration design for The Pad smart tower and first world sustainable city masterplan in UAE. The firm was structured and established as a cutting-edge design solution network with directors who had already gathered extensive experience in architectural practice and urban regeneration. The firm integrates a digital built environment and the latest cutting-edge technologies to create Smarter and Sustainable places. Organism, materialism, and geometric pattern are three particular areas of Visionary Architecture believes the architect can earn much from humankind. Visionary Architecture designs and manages urban regeneration, mixed-use, iconic hotel, transpiration hub, and contemporary smart houses. Visionary Architecture is the 2013 and 2014 awarded from South Asia and Pacific Centre for Architecture Art Design and Future Urban Fabric Architecture. The company operates as a unique network with branches located strategically in Singapore, Washington D.C and Dallas in the US. We have designed and managed ground-breaking projects since 2006 in over ten countries and three continents. Visionary Architecture works as a team-leading, pooling skills, resources to produce bespoke, inspirational, commercially useful architectural and development solutions.

About the Founders. 

Visionary Architecture was structured and established as a cutting-edge design solution network with directors Shahram Seificar, Edward Hyatt, and Ashly Kim, who had already gathered extensive experience in architectural practice and urban regeneration development. In late 2009 and early 2010, Edward and Ashly joined the government duties, but they are still advising the firm for advanced design research.

Shahram Seificar is the Founder & CEO of the Visionary Architecture Since 2006, He is post-graduate in the Ph.D. Degrees of Built Environment and Sustainable Cities, and was an adjusted lecturer at the National University of Malaysia. Shahram educated in Iran, Australia, and Malaysia. He worked with several high-profile international architects and consultants firm before moving to the United States. Whilst Associate Partner and Senior Project Manager at Chapman Taylor Architects, LCC Consultant (WSP acquired LCC in 2006), and CKD International in Dubai. Shahram completed many iconic projects in Asia and the Middle East. His work on the Madinat Jumeirah and Park Hayyat Resort and Golf Course in Dubai received the Dubai Ruler Awards in 2005 and 2007, and he won an Emerging Architect Award from SOA in 2012 and 2013 in Singapore and IEEE Australian Design Honour at the NSW Design Centre in Sydney in 2014. Recently Shahram has joined the Harvard University School of Design for Advanced Program Management and Development in Real Estate (AMDP). 

Edward Hyatt was the director of Visionary Architecture until 2009. He is Professor of Innovative Construction and Vice-President at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Toronto. As Associate Architect at NOOR for six years, Edward was responsible for many projects, including the Museum and Mixed-use developments. In 2003 he received a post-graduate degree from Columbia University. He worked for Atkins Consultant at the Jumeriah Hotel in 1997. He was lectured at American universities in Dubai and has won many awards.

Ashly Kim was the director of Visionary Architecture until early 2010. She’s working as a researcher at the advanced technology Institute in Singapore and studied architecture at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. She started her research career in the built environment and has led to many research projects. Ashly is a highly expert on built environment innovations in the fields of smart living and future construction technology and an author of many publications about building processes of the future cities.